E3 2017: Sony Media Showcase Predictions

E3 is almost here! We’ll be there on the ground in LA for the show and for the Sony Media Showcase. We’re still a couple days away from the main event, so let’s speculate on Sony’s biggest night of the year.

Have a prediction of your own? Be sure to share it in the comments below.




  1. Release dates and gameplay trailers for God of War and Days Gone – Days Gone September 2017, GoW March 2018
  2. SuckerPunch new IP trailer and gameplay
  3. Updated Instant Game Collection adding VR games
  4. A wave of new VR experiences with at least 1 AAA first party game, all take advantage of a brand new PS Move Controller 2.0
  5. Des2ny will have an extended gameplay demo, PlayStation exclusive content will be detailed, beta start date will be announced for end of June, with PlayStation getting early access.



  1. God of War live gameplay demo, release date and I will venture into guessing a special edition PS4 Pro too
  2. The Last of Us 2 surprise trailer number 2
  3. More PS1 HD remasters like Medievil and Ape Escape
  4. Different tier PS Plus plans to try and please the masses
  5. And best for last, Knack 2 release date!



  1. Horizon DLC
  2. PS Now subscription getting ps4 games
  3. Price drop or bundle
  4. Shenmue 3 debutAnd because I’m a pessimist
  5. Nothing of value for PSVR



  1. Huge changes to the PS+ system (hopefully)
  2. Gran Turismo announcement (yawn)
  3. God of War info (booo)
  4. Some collaboration with Capcom for a bunch of re-releases of older titles (needs to be a thing)
  5. The addition of more PS4 apps I’m not going to use



  1. The ability to change your PSN I’D.
  2. Beta for new God of War.
  3. More Trailers for Death Stranding and or release date.
  4. Kingdom Hearts release date and more of a possible trailer
  5. A refresh of the PS Vita to be more Nintendo Switch-ish



  1. Battlefield will tease a VR thing using the Aim Controller.
  2. GTA 6 …with PSVR
  3. Frontier Development post launch of Elite Dangerous will add VR support
  4. Next Gen SOCOM.
  5. Bigger than all, PlayStation will tease the next gen PS5 for Q4 2018



  1. Bloodborne 2 announced
  2. No substantial Kingdom Hearts 3 info
  3. Days Gone release date – end of this year
  4. A tease of Horizon Zero Dawn Expansion
  5. New Network or PSNow as a better subscription service



  1. Horizon Zero Dawn expansion content
  2. Red dead redemption 2 additional teaser/trailer
  3. Teaser/trailer for the last of us 2
  4. New God of war gameplay
  5. A new kart racer

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